I found Robert at a great turning point in my life.  The ideal world I had built out of ignorant bliss was coming undone and the storm of emotions that I had been burying away for many years were surfacing.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to understand and resolve this emotional storm; it’s just that at that time in my life, I thought I had mastered them—mastered them by hiding them away from the rest of the world.  So after finding the strength to close that chapter in my life, one day I discovered Robert’s meditation class and my life has been forever changed.  He has helped me to understand this new chapter in my life through his ability to understand, listen, and advise from a place of love and knowledge.  He has great insight and understanding into the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a person’s nature and how to speak to a person’s innermost being to awaken the true self.  For me, Robert’s guidance and teachings have helped me to start growing and changing into the real me—the best me—and for that, I am forever grateful.   Thank you, Robert.  


~  Angela Yang

I have had the pleasure to speak with Robert on numerous occasions. The past year I have encountered numerous difficult situations and Robert's non-judgmental, easy going approach and listening has made a huge difference in the way I approach life. Most recently I was preparing for a very physically and mentally challenging test. Robert's insight gave me tools to stay in the present moment and to stop the negative self talk to help me through the task at hand. I have learned to believe in myself and trust myself more. He also taught me simple ways to meditate and become more mindful. I have even told my friends and family about these simple practices and they have tried them in their own life. I am grateful to have met Robert, he is truly a unique individual.


- Janell B.

    I came to Robert after another failed relationship in my life. Just sitting and talking to him has helped me in major ways. I thought I saw the patterns I kept repeating but it was from the point of view of a victim. Robert has helped me accept and see that I have allowed people from my past to cross my line of respect and intimacy. Though hard, I am coming to realize my own hand in letting things happen that are not ok with me in order to hopefully get what I want.  Robert's yoga lessons have greatly inspired me to become serious about yoga as a way to heal, grow, and challenge myself. Robert's advanced Yoga is something to aspire to and I plan on going to him as long as I can.


- David Shaw

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” ~ Fred DeVito