Meditation Coaching for Emotional Well-Being

Emotions are information, especially the negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and fear. What a buddhist inspired approach to emotional well-being does is find a middle way where emotions are felt and owned and become the ingredients to a mature response, instead of the fire of a reaction. In this way we repress nothing, we express what our needs are, and cope with stress in a better way.


By using the typology of the Enneagram, the psychological work of Voice Dialogue, and the meditative approach we develop greater self awareness, more compassion, and intelligent responsiveness to the stress in our lives.


The combination of these techniques strengthen the role of the witness, the ability to objectively look at one's way of being in the world.


While therapy looks to the past for answers and diagnoses a treatment, mcewb, meditation coaching for emotional well-being looks at the client's perspective on the world and the choices they are making and then uses meditation to give the client space to make different choices.





With a few short coaching sessions I'll clear up the mystery of meditation and give you techniques to practice. The first session is discovering the emotion that is causing difficulty and the context that it is arising.

This session usually runs ninety minutes and costs $145.00


Subsequent sessions we will discuss progress around the emotions and to ask questions on practice and receive feedback.

subsequent check-in sessions are an hour and cost $50.00















By combining the practice of meditation, Voice Dialogue developed by Hal and Sidra Stone and the Enneagram we begin to see our patterns, why we avoid, and develop the ability to make different choices.



While the practice of meditation is rooted in many religions it is not necessary to believe anything. Meditation is the practice of watching our thoughts and sensations, the more we practice the better we get at it.


One on One Coaching


While anyone can learn meditation and the other skills in this practice, it is helpful to have someone who has practiced for almost two decades and knows what works and what is just tradition.

Words of encouragement and a clear eye when things look obscure saves time.


I saw this in my own practice. I did this on my own for nine years with uneven progress. After I began working with my zen teacher my progress really took off. If you want to make the best use of your time, practice in the context of one on one feedback.



While I'm not a therapist I adhere to the same standards where privacy is concerned. Whenever we work with emotions strong feelings can arise. It is my role to create an environment where my clients can experience their emotions in a safe place.  


“ The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are. ”

- Marcus Aurelius, meditations

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