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Traditonally, life coaching is helping the client become clear about values and what their ideal life would look like. Exploring the possibility of change and then setting out to design a way forward, uncovering the obstacles, and becoming accountable. Ideally in a way that is challenging, exciting, and helps the client to grow while having a fun time.

My approach to life coaching is informed by my zen practice. Over the last ten years it has taught me how to reappraise what words like challenge, exciting, and satisfying mean. Wanting something different in our lives and being willing to challenge the obstacles to this life speak more to a shift in identity than anything else. We are invited to become the people that our hopes and desires want for us. We are invited to do this work with joy!



This work can be done in person or online, contact me and we can talk about if this approach is a good fit for you.  

Zen practice has taught me how to proceed when there isn't a clear way. To put one step in front of another and to continue with the practice. Clear the mind, excercise the body, discover what my emotions are telling me, and finally how my values are getting expressed in this world.


It is not necessary to follow any religion to fulfill one's potential. To develop intuition, to be willing to be open, and cultivate a sense of purpose regardless of financial payoff is beyond a belief system. It is a process of transformation brought about by changing habits of philosphy. Neuropathways being changed in the brain by changing habits of behavior.


The practice is one of not accepting the road blocks of our lives as barriers but as questions for us to answer and embody, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.


    Do not wait to awaken your potential!

When our values, goals, and habits are in alignment we have clear intention. This singularity of purpose is what is necessary to create the life we love.


A zen approach to life coaching is using the three keys of practice: great faith, great doubt, and great determination. We put faith in ourselves that we can reach our potential, we have great doubt that we have shared our greatest gifts with the world, and we have great determination or great passion in fulfilling our purpose.

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