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By Robert, Oct 31 2016 07:50PM

The essence of zen is to leave no trace. We can leave a legacy but it is legacy without the filter of our insecurites and bad conditioning. Leave the conditioning whether physical, mental, or emotional at the door and just do the work. If we can be self-aware enough to see our weaknesses and work with them but not be run by them we will be proud of what we leave behind.

By Robert, Apr 15 2014 08:33PM

My friend Keith Martin-Smith has written a new book with our mutual zen teacher, Junpo Denis Kelly. Its called "The Heart of Zen" and it is the clearest eludication of horizontal and vertical enlightenment that I've ever read. AKA: meditation is not enough, therapy is not enough, we must practice both if we wish to be fully awake, and fully grown up. Then... fully integrating these so we 'show up' as a mature ego, as a noble and true man or woman of no rank. Keith and Junpo put it all together in this very well written book about the path of Right Here! Right Now! as my Dad used to say..... Plenty of gems about emotionally maturity, intimacy, and barriers to waking up. The book I wish I would have read twenty years ago!


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