A life coach taking a wholistic, integrally informed approach. Working to help clients overcome challenges they face physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.



While a lot of life coaches promise the moon, I promise one thing: the journey is worth it.

I can help you express your values in the world and hopefully you can get paid for doing it, but I know this life has no guarantee.

The first rule of living your passion is making peace with the vulnerability of uncertainy. For some this is unthinkable. for others they couldn't live any other way. They understand that vulbnerability isn't a weakness but a way of coming into alignment with the process of life.



Robert Yorga

NASM-CPT, RYT-200 HR, Zen Priest

In  1987 Robert had a flow experience that changed his whole approach to life. Instead of being this indiviual who was trying to get something or get away from something. He discovered a simple truth: we are instruments for creativity. We can give birth to truth, goodness, and beauty.


In 2000 he began meditating and discovering yoga. Eventually, he decided practice was essential and began working with a zen teacher.....


desiring more training, he went to school for yoga instructing and personal training. In 2014 Robert received RYT-200 Yoga teacher training and personal trainer certification from Saint paul College.


Since 2009 he has been focusing his formal practice on zen taught by Jun Po Denis Kelly, founder of Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Order. Jun po had made an integral path for himself 25 years earlier practicing with Eido Shimano Roshi, Pattabhi Jois, and Hal & Sidra Stone.


Robert is most interested in the mondo zen protocol Jun Po has developed. It is the traditional form of zen where question and answer illumiate insight and a modern twist where the frustrations of our lives become a question to be resolved. As his teacher says, "Your angst is your liberation."


In 2015 he was ordained a zen priest and given the name yudo gaku, it means 'gentle way through the steep mountains' and has become a guide to a way of being.